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David Cameron slammed by dad of IRA victim


The father of a 12-year-old boy murdered in an IRA bomb attack has accused the Prime Minister of being offensive and thoughtless following his reluctance to back a charity for terror victims.

Colin Parry's son Tim was killed along with three-year-old Johnathan Ball when blasts tore through Warrington in 1993.

Mr Parry and his wife set up the charity Survivors For Peace which also supports victims of 9/11, the London Tube bombings and the family and friends of soldier Lee Rigby who was murdered in Woolwich.

Mr Parry said the charity will be forced to close its doors unless a cash injection of £150,000 can be found.

However, the Prime Minister urged Mr Parry to use the internet to search for new sources of charitable cash.

"Unless we find a wealthy benefactor, we will have to make our staff redundant and cut adrift all the people who depend on us for support," Mr Parry said.

The scheme is due to lose its Lottery funding in April.

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