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David Ford seeks views on car clamping on private land


Northern Ireland's Justice Minister has launched a consultation on vehicle immobilisation on private land.

David Ford (right) said its aim is to help the department to determine how it should be regulated in the future.

At present a landowner or landlord in Northern Ireland can clamp, block or tow away a vehicle which is parked on private land.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Justice said this currently applies to drivers parked in disabled spaces when they shouldn't be, for example, or motorists parked in areas reserved for emergency vehicles.

Mr Ford said the consultation looks at vehicle immobilisation on private land such as a private car park, a university campus, or in hospital grounds.

"I want to establish whether there are problems with our current arrangements," he said.

"If there are, then I want to hear views on what is appropriate in terms of landowners or landlords controlling access to property.

"I would urge anyone with experience of the regulation of vehicle immobilisation on private land to take the opportunity to respond to the consultation."

The consultation paper is available at consultations.

The closing date is Friday, May 16 2014.

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