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David McNarry sounds alarm over rise in card fraud

Ulster Unionist Assembly member y has expressed concern at the level of credit and debit card fraud occurring in Northern Ireland.

According to the latest figures from the Payments Council, credit and debit card fraud rocketed in Northern Ireland in 2011, with losses up 652% on 2010 figures — to £6.3m.

In 2010, the figure stood at just £0.83m.

Across the UK, fraud fell by 7% to £341m last year, and has fallen by 45% over the past three years.

“The figure of £6.3m is double what a region this size could expect,” said the MLA.

“The abnormal rise in card fraud in Northern Ireland was apparently due to card-not-present fraud and may reflect the fact that some mail-order head offices are located here.

“The good news is that victims are fully protected against loss through fraud in the UK.

“I think these very bad local figures, however, indicate that people need to be careful.

“Cheque fraud, for instance, has risen by 17% and phone banking losses have increased by 32%.

“The message is that you cannot be too careful.”

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