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David Meade's levitation stunt stuns shoppers as television mentalist hits new heights of illusion

David Meade in Victoria Square
David Meade in Victoria Square
David's stunt saw him appear to levitate more than 60 very dangerous feet
Adrian Rutherford

By Adrian Rutherford

It gives a whole new meaning to a Monday morning spent hanging around the shopping centre...

This was the astonishing sight which greeted shoppers— mentalist David Meade levitating around 30ft above the ground at Belfast’s Victoria Square.

The mentalist pulled off the eye-popping stunt to help promote his new tour, which gets under way in early 2013.

Meade (29) was watched by hundreds of startled onlookers as he appeared to hang from the side of the wall, just below the second floor of Victoria Square.

The gravity-defying feat began at 8am and lasted several hours.

He said it was the first time anyone had attempted the stunt.

“This version has never been done in the world before,” he said.

“I know that because it took so long to get insurance and to put together a team who could make this happen. No one really wanted to take the risk, but I wanted to do something different.

“This (levitation) dates back centuries and was actually done in Egypt at the Pyramids. But it was only performed about 3ft off the ground — I wanted to go as high as I possibly could.

“I’ve never been this high before and I’ve never been suspended in mid-air before. It’s a weird thing for me to be up here, but adrenaline is keeping everything going.”

After The David Meade Project, he returned to TV screens recently with hit series Make Believe.

“The series is driven by the idea of getting people to ask if I’m really doing this or is it all just make believe,” he added.” We’ve had landslide figures this year and I’ve been blown away by just how popular it has been.

“This was really a thank you to the audience who may only get to see me on TV, so they could come on their work day and see something properly astonishing.”

Meade said he was stunned by the reaction.

“It has been amazing,” he added. “I would have loved to have done it on a Saturday but it would have been too busy and there would have been so many more health and safety issues.

“But it’s going mad on Twitter with photographs and comments, which was the main idea.

“I wanted people who hadn’t seen the show or hadn’t seen me live to come and see something to make their jaws drop.”

While he wasn’t giving away any of the secrets behind his stunt, he did admit it was a high-stakes act — in more ways than one.

“Of course there’s danger and risk,” he added. “We’ve all heard of those TV programmes where disasters have happened and we might not have covered everything here. But so far it’s fine — apart from the fact I’m cold and I need the loo.

“This stunt was done by a faith-healer to convince people he really could do astonishing things,” Meade added. “He was a liar and a fraud, of course.

“But it just shows secrets dating back hundreds of years can still blow people away.”

Meade will be embarking on a new tour, including dates in Belfast, Armagh, Ballymena, Lisburn and Omagh, in the new year.

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