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David Moyes sacked: Northern Ireland Manchester United fans split over axing of 'Chosen One'

By Joanne Sweeney

The court of public opinion on the David Moyes sacking was divided across Northern Ireland in the wake of the news.

As Manchester United fans woke up to find out that the rumours were true – the club's manager had been sacked before his first season was out – the great debate among football fans kicked off.

There was a mixture of feelings over the sacking of the former Everton manager at the Red Devil bar in west Belfast.

Perhaps, surprisingly, the general mood was that the dispatch of Moyles was premature.

While several diehard fans felt that the manager deserved another season to settle in, one fan felt that it was a business decision that the owners had to take.

Liam Curran (68), a long-time committee member of the West Belfast Manchester United Football Supporters Club, said: "Football is a results business. Manchester United have to be in the top four.

"If Man United is not in the Champions League, it could cost the club £50 million next year. And we are not in it next year, the first time in years.

"We have to be in the big four, there's too much money in it nowadays.

"I was one of those people that when Moyes took over, I thought the club would be too big for him."

Barry Small said: "I don't think that David Moyles got a proper chance and needed a long season.

"Brendan Rodgers is doing well with Liverpool now. He didn't do so well in his first year either, but did well in his second year."

Michael Rafferty, another Man U fan in the pub, which also has a strong Celtic following, agreed that the manager didn't get a fair chance.

"He also didn't get the right funding by the owners and I think that needs to be addressed if the team wants to move on," he said.

Ian Hall, secretary of the Dungannon MUFSC, was not surprised at the confirmation of Moyes' departure.

"In my mind I thought it could happen, but I'm one of the old brigade and I wouldn't be up for that type of knee-jerk reaction. Nowadays, though, with these businesses, it's just success or 'out'.

"One of the things that Man United prides itself on is that we haven't gone through a lot of managers over the years; I think we have only had nine managers since 1929."

Brendan McConnville, secretary of Newry MUFSC, was pragmatic about the decision.

"Whether it's in the best interests, that remains to be seen, as was his appointment in the first place."

Connor McMullan, secretary of Bangor MUFSC, also felt that the team manager should have been allowed to remain for another season.

"My own feeling is that I feel that he should have been allowed to get to the summer and be judged this time next year."

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