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Day lost for flying of Union flag in Northern Ireland due to Brexit

Northern Ireland is set to lose one of its 18 designated days for flying the Union flag as a direct result of Brexit.

One of the designated days for flying the flag is Europe Day (May 9), which will no longer be celebrated after Brexit.

Under the Flags (NI) Order 2000 there are only 18 days when the Union flag can be flown from government and court buildings in Northern Ireland.

A December 2012 vote by Belfast City Council to only fly the Union flag at Belfast City Hall on designated days led to months of protests.

The Northern Ireland Office have confirmed that it will be "no longer appropriate" to celebrate the day after Europe.

"In my view there are good reasons for the provisions... and I have concluded they are a reasonable course of action," the Under Secretary of State Shailesh Vara said.

"Without these regulations the requirement to fly these flags on Europe Day would still be in place despite it no longer being appropriate."

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