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Days after rescue from a manhole, it's Kim the miracle dog


A dog left for dead down an 8ft manhole for three days in scorching weather is on the mend, the vet who treated her has said.

Kim the rottweiler had to endure emergency surgery after a harrowing ordeal during which she is thought to have been attacked with bricks.

After being saved by police and treated by emergency staff at Vets Now, the injured four-year-old is recovering at Earls-wood Veterinary Hospital in east Belfast.

Senior partner, vet Ian Millar, told the Belfast Telegraph that young Kim was extremely lucky to be alive after the brutal incident.

"It's a miracle that the dog was retrieved from a manhole, especially after three days," Mr Millar said. "She could easily have been ignored or bypassed by the public, so whoever discovered her did a great thing and since the operation she's recovering very nicely."

The black rottweiler was found abandoned with cuts to her head at a wasteland site in west Belfast after an anonymous tip-off call to the PSNI.

She was severely dehydrated and stick-thin – her weight having plummeted to 1.5 stone (11kg) – when she was taken into care.

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Following life-saving surgery for a womb infection last Wednesday, Mr Millar said she has since gained a few pounds and is doing well.

"I don't believe I have ever needed to treat a dog that has been down a manhole for several days – that was bad," he said.

"It's quite a strange set of circumstances. I'm mystified to know how she came to be there and I wonder what has been going on.

"But in the subsequent days she has done very well, she's gaining weight and she's in very good form. She's a very placid, friendly and obedient dog and we're very optimistic that we'll find a home for her, despite all of her initial problems."

Although it is expected to take Kim some three months to get back into prime condition, she is heading in the right direction.

"Obviously there's a recovery period, but she's happy, she's content and she's wagging her little stumpy tail," Mr Millar said.

"She's a dog with a good spirit, a dog who's optimistic, you might say, about life and she should do all right.

"She'll get her stitches out in a week from now following her operation but the very fact that she was able to go through surgery and come out the other end bodes well for the future."

The vets and nurses at the clinic said they are hoping that she will be in good hands in a safe home before long.

"We have some people who have experience with rottweiler dogs coming to see her tonight," Mr Millar said.

"Like a lot of people, they read her story in the Belfast Telegraph and they have a lot of sympathy after what happened to her."

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