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De La Salle College parents to stage rally on pitches


Appointed: Imelda Jordan

Appointed: Imelda Jordan

Appointed: Imelda Jordan

Parents at a troubled school in west Belfast are to hold a public demonstration today as a new associate principal begins work.

Imelda Jordan, former head of St Colm's, Twinbrook, starts today at De La Salle College alongside principal Claire White.

She was appointed as part of a strategy to allay parents' concerns.

The school has been hit by a bitter dispute between staff and management for more than a year.

In November, a third of teachers called in sick.

The Concerned Parents Committee of De La Salle said it would hold a rally today at Glassmullin Pitches.

Last night, the group said in a statement: "We remain firm in our call for a full, transparent and independent investigation into all that has gone on in the school.

"We continue to stress that those responsible for this chaos must be stood down with immediate effect to allow for such an investigation to be achieved."

Head boy Peter Heenan recently revealed he has suffered panic attacks because of the staff absences.

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