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Dead horse latest animal to be dumped at Armagh roadside

By Cate McCurry

A dead horse was found dumped at the side of a road in Co Armagh at the weekend.

The carcass was discovered on a rural road near Darkley.

It is understood that it is the latest incident involving dead animals being left at the roadside in the area in recent weeks.

Sheep carcasses were recently left to rot along a stretch of road, posing dangers to local people and other animals.

Outraged residents in the area have urged the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council to address the issue urgently.

SDLP councillor Sharon Haughey-Grimley said the incidents are "extremely dangerous".

"It is utterly disgusting that there are people who think it is fine to dump their dead animals along the road side, polluting local waterways and stinking the entire area, especially in this heat," she told Armagh I.

"Responsible farmers are meant to deal with their dead animals in a responsible manner, ensuring no pollution or risk to human health.

"Whoever dumped this dead horse has no respect whatsoever for local people, for the local area or for the local environment.

"Their actions are absolutely sickening and local people are rightly very annoyed.

"This is the latest in a list of carcass dumping in this area, with sheep being previously dumped along this stretch over the last few weeks."

The local council was made aware of the latest incident and had removed the carcass yesterday.

The SDLP councillor said that a council camera which can be used in dumping hotspots should be used to help prevent further incidents.

"I have asked that the camera is erected in this area as soon as possible to help deter those responsible from dumping. I have also asked for no dumping signs for the area," she added.

"The only real way for us to stamp out this illegal dumping is for those responsible to consider their actions and deal with the animal loss in a responsible way.

"I would encourage the local community to report any dumping incidents and anyone with information on those responsible should report it, because these people have no respect for the local area whatsoever."

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council did not respond to a request for comment.

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