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Death threat against Belfast City Council official Nigel Grimshaw amid Bobby Storey funeral controversy


Nigel Grimshaw

Nigel Grimshaw

Nigel Grimshaw

A death threat made against senior Belfast City Council official Nigel Grimshaw has been condemned as "despicable and cowardly".

The council's director of city and neighbourhood services was informed of the threat on Friday morning after an email of a "serious nature" was sent to the authority and passed to the PSNI.

While the nature of the threat is unclear, it comes amid the controversy of the council's handling of the cremation of IRA veteran Bobby Storey last week.

The Belfast Telegraph revealed on Thursday night that an internal Belfast City Council report found "no political intent" in the decision-making around the service at Roselawn Cemetery.

The document states that Nigel Grimshaw made the decision to allow up 30 mourners to attend Mr Storey's cremation “in the context of managing potential issues if numbers arrived and demands for access were made”.

Eight other families were denied the right to have up to 30 people attend cremations at Roselawn on the same day as Mr Storey's.

The report says Mr Grimshaw acknowledges that it was “a mistake for which he takes responsibility”, and he regrets the effect it had on the other eight families.

Sinn Fein group leader on the council, Ciaran Beattie, condemned the threat against Mr Grimshaw.

"This death threat issued against Belfast City Council official Nigel Grimshaw is abhorrent and I condemn it utterly," he said.

"Those responsible for this threat have nothing to offer society. This threat comes after Nigel Grimshaw has been the subject of much inaccurate, ill-informed and irresponsible public commentary in recent days.

"Everyone should be free to go about their business free from fear of threats and intimidation.

“Anyone with any information on those responsible for this despicable and cowardly threat should bring it to the PSNI.”

A spokesperson for Mr Grimshaw told the BBC: “I've been made aware Nigel Grimshaw was informed by the PSNI this morning that a death threat has been made against him.”

A Belfast City Council spokesperson said: “An email was received by Belfast City Council and due to the serious nature of its content, it has been passed to the PSNI.”

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