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Decision is deferred on landfill facility

A plan to store asbestos and treat other hazardous waste on Belfast's Black Mountain has been held up by the city council.

Councillors deferred their decision over the application for a month despite guidance from officials to approve the proposal.

There is currently a landfill facility on the site which receives more than 700,000 tonnes of inert waste - such as concrete, stones and glass - each year.

Whitemountain Quarries have applied for permission to change the permitted use of a storage building to a waste transfer station. It would receive and treat hazardous waste such as fuels.

Local residents attended a meeting of Belfast City Council's Planning Committee yesterday evening to raise their objections and concerns for the health of people who live nearby. They also expressed fears for the wider area, which is becoming a popular visitor attraction.

"There was a similar proposal for a quarry elsewhere that local residents defeated, now Games of Thrones is filming there. They got Westeros, yet we are getting asbestos," one said.

DUP councillor Christopher Stalford proposed that the decision be deferred for one month to allow for a site visit to be carried out, which was agreed.

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