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Deer head stolen from Co Armagh bar by customer and held for ransom

The stolen deer. Credit: Basil Shiels Bar
The stolen deer. Credit: Basil Shiels Bar

A deer head has been stolen from a well-known Co Armagh bar and held for ransom.

The deer head was taken from the Basil Shiels Bar in Tassagh by an unhappy customer on Sunday evening.

The customer behind the grand theft created a fake Facebook profile under the name 'Rudolph Shiels' and told the bar what he had done.

"Myself and a few young 'bucks' I run about with went to your pub last night," the customer wrote in a message to the bar.

"We went out to celebrate the birthday of a very 'deer' friend of mine whom I'm very 'fawned' of!"

The customer said that while he enjoyed his time in the bar he was put off by the "deer" prices.

"The price of drink near stopped me in my 'tracks' and I had no 'doe' left by the end of the night so I thought 'stuff' them I will make my money back on the 'sleigh'," the deer-napper wrote.

The customer said that they were left with no choice but to take the deer home with them.

"I knew well you would go 'buck' mad but I took him home with me anyway," the customer wrote.

"Don't go 'hunting for him you won't find him! I'm sure you have 'herd' the saying everything has a price so name yours in order to ensure the safe return your very 'deer' friend!"

Writing on their Facebook page the Basil Shiels Bar admitted that it had been an "interesting weekend".

They said that they had "herd" who was behind the theft of the deer from their "watering hole".

"Now let’s bring Rudolph back safely," they wrote.

"No two weekends the same here in Basil Sheil’s."

In response to the post a video was posted on the bar's Facebook page of the "last spotted sighting" of the deer head, with the identity of the person in possession of it protected.

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