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Defector from DUP Jenny Palmer eyes seat in Assembly

By Liam Clarke

A former DUP councillor who defected to the UUP says she wants to run as an MLA.

Jenny Palmer said she joined the UUP because it gave her freedom of conscience on issues including same-sex marriage, which she supports.

She told the Belfast Telegraph: "I've had contact with a few councillors who are not happy with what is being played out in the DUP. Some sent private messages saying they would like to meet me to talk about where they are and where they want to be."

Mrs Palmer defected to the DUP from the UUP in 2003, which she now regrets. She resigned from the DUP in March after being summoned to a disciplinary meeting for allegedly "bringing the party into disrepute". At the Housing Executive board she had voted against awarding a maintenance contract to Red Sky, even though Nelson McCausland, a DUP minister, supported it.

Asked what the councillors who contacted her were discontented about, she said: "Initially, they were disturbed at how I was treated."

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