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Defendant with hepatitis spat in face of Derry courthouse security guard, judge hears

A man suffering from hepatitis spat in an official's face during a courthouse altercation, a judge was told today.

Prosecutors claimed Miguel Ramos knows any deliberate use of his condition carries an element of "menace".

The 38-year-old faces charges of common assault, criminal damage and disorderly behaviour within the confines of Bishop Street Courthouse in Derry.

His alleged outburst on September 3 followed an earlier incident where he is accused of verbally abusing medical staff at Altnagelvin Hospital.

During a High Court bail application it was claimed he arrived there last month after drinking bottles of vodka and wine.

He was arrested after allegedly shouting names at a doctor who complained about his unruly behaviour.

According to the prosecution he tried to kick out at a PSNI officer and later smeared excrement over a police toilet wall.

Ramos, of Heron Way, Derry, is charged with disorderly behaviour, assault on police and criminal damage over that incident.

He was released on bail, only to be arrested again for the second set of offences when attending court.

Philip Henry, prosecuting, said Ramos behaved disruptively towards security staff and became agitated at having to go through metal detectors.

"The defendant spat in the face of of one court official," Mr Henry claimed.

"He suffers from Hepatitis C, he's alive to that issue and alive to the fact that police know it also carries with it a certain menace when it's done deliberately."

Heron, who was drunk at the time, continued to spit over a police van and urinated in a cell, it was alleged.

He later claimed to be an alcoholic with no memory of the incident.

He had been returned to custody over an alleged breach to his curfew conditions.

But amid claims that he was only on the balcony of his home the judge decided to release him again.

Heron was ordered to fully comply with his bail terms, including answering the door when police call.

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