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Delight for motorists as diesel price falls


Northern Ireland supermarkets have said they will take 2p off a litre of diesel from today, weeks after a squeeze on petrol prices.

It is good news for hard-pressed motorists who are likely to see other fuel retailers across the province follow suit.

It comes at a time when the differential between petrol and diesel had crept up to over 6p per litre in some forecourts.

Sainsbury's was first in Northern Ireland to announce a 2p cut, after retail giant Morrisons – which doesn't operate here – fired the opening salvo in Great Britain.

Asda then said it was cutting prices by the same amount from today, promising a cap of 137.7ppl on diesel.

Tesco followed by offering a 2p reduction in its diesel prices today.

Although Chancellor George Osborne scotched an increase in fuel duty in the recent Budget, motorists have seen hefty rises.

Since January, average diesel prices in Northern Ireland have gone up by almost 6p from 140.6ppl to 146.7ppl, while petrol has seen a hike of nearly 8ppl, having increased to 141ppl in March from 133.2ppl in January.

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