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Demand for Tayto crisp sandwich as airplane snack sky high for Aer Lingus

The crisp sandwich is a timeless classic in Northern Ireland and now you can also have it as you fly thanks to Aer Lingus.

The airline has reported that the recent addition to its 'bia on board' menu is proving to be a hit with guests.

The new summer menu launched last week includes the new crisp sandwich snack option which is available on short haul flights, including European destinations, departing from Belfast City Airport.

But to which destinations is the Tayto crisp sandwiches proving most popular?

While there has been strong demand on board most flights - it has been particularly popular on Spanish routes including Malaga and Majorca where there are traditionally a lot of young families jetting off on summer holiday.

UK routes too, most notably weekend flights, indicate a real taste for the Tayto crisp sandwich showing that it appeals to guests in their 20s, 30s and beyond.

Aer Lingus retail manager Sinead O'Neill said: "We’re delighted with the initial reaction to the Tayto crisp sandwich coming on board. It’s fair to say the crisp sandwich has experienced a bit of a revival in recent months following a pop-up shop in Dublin as well as a dedicated crisp sandwich café opening in Belfast, so we recognised there was a definite demand for the product.

“Tayto crisps evoke a taste of home that we all know and love, stemming right back to childhood and there is a certain nostalgia associated with it. For this reason we made the decision to include it on our bia menu and we’re thrilled it has been so warmly received.”

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