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'Depraved' OAP given 20 years' jail for abusing three children

By Michael Donnelly

A paedophile pensioner has been jailed for 20 years for a campaign of physical and sexual abuse against three siblings.

William Robb (64), from London Road in south Belfast, was unanimously convicted last month of 61 charges involving the sexual abuse of two sisters - one of whom was repeatedly raped - and the verbal and physical abuse of their brother.

Judge Gordon Kerr QC, who ruled that the various sentences for the campaign against his victims should run consecutively, said: "This was a case involving the depraved corruption of two young girls, whom he used cynically to satisfy his lust".

The judge condemned the defendant for abusing vulnerable young people and added that Robb refused "to accept his guilt and is entirely without acceptance or remorse".

"This case requires a substantial sentence to mark society's abhorrence of such abusive behaviour towards children," he told Antrim Crown Court.

Robb had also, explained Judge Kerr, "contested the case, thus requiring all three victims to give evidence and, to that extent, relive the depraved behaviour which the sisters in particular were subjected to".

The abuse of the older girl began, when she was aged nine or 10 with sexual touching in her bedroom, but quickly progressed to multiple rapes up until she was 14.

Her younger sister was also abused in her bed, but in her case it began when she was aged five and ended when she was eight or nine.

Evidence suggested Robb would ply the child with money "as an apparent reward", but would not let her out to play with friends until she had been abused. She too, said the judge, had been left traumatised.

Turning to her brother, Judge Kerr said Robb had both mentally and physically abused him. This at times would manifest itself in "slapping and pushing", but progressed to "punching, stamping and kicking".

The three victims bravely waived their right to full anonymity, so that their abuser could be named and in an attempt to encourage other victims to come forward.

However, in their statement urging others to do as they had done, they warned: "It is not an easy journey, we will not pretend it is, but there is support for you and, remember, you are the victim and you have done nothing wrong. Please come forward".

Thanking those who supported them, they added that while they hoped to move on with their lives, "We cannot put on paper the damage this monster has done, and we get no pleasure from seeing this man jailed, only relief that he will not be able to prey on any other children".

Defence QC Richard Greene, who described Robb as an alcoholic loner who abandoned by his family and friends, acknowledged there were no mitigating features in his case.

His client, who has a previous conviction for assault with intent to rape, believes his "future is so bleak and he will end his days" in jail, he added.

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