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Deputy mayor Guy Spence has his home pelted with eggs

By Rebecca Black

The deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast has spoken out about a series of attacks on his home and car.

Guy Spence said eggs were thrown at his car at 8.30am yesterday morning while it was parked outside his family home in north Belfast.

He said it was the latest incident in a campaign that has been going on for four weeks.

"At the moment it is eggs, over the last four weeks they have been thrown at my car, my house and even other cars parked at the house," the DUP man said.

"If it had happened just once or twice by maybe kids or people messing around it would not bother me, but it is the fact this has been going on for four weeks, it has become more sinister.

"My car has taken the brunt of it, and other people's cars that park outside my house. The front windows of the house were also attacked with eggs.

"I have no idea who is behind it."

Mr Spence said he has reported the incidents to police who are conducting an investigation.

"The police will be investigating and will make prosecutions."

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