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Derry car bomb: How the terror attack unfolded

Some time after 6pm: A pizza delivery driver's vehicle is hijacked in the Quarry Street area of Londonderry.

7.23pm: By this time, a bomb has been placed in the Ford Fusion car which has been driven at least half a mile to arrive outside the courthouse on Bishop Street.

A few seconds later, the driver is seen running away.

7.26pm: A phone call goes in to the Samaritans in West Midlands in England.

The warning is passed to West Midlands Police who in turn contact the PSNI.

7.39pm: A group of young people are seen on CCTV walking past the car that would later explode.

7.55pm: Police officers on patrol in Bishop Street spot a suspicious vehicle.

8pm: The information is received by the PSNI that a device had been left at the courthouse in Derry.

Police begin evacuating hundreds of people from nearby buildings.

8.09pm: The bomb detonates in a blinding flash.

19.23 car arriving
19.23 car arriving
Driver runs away
19.39: people walk past
20:09: device detonates
20:09: device detonates
Police reassure bystanders
Forensics officers at the scene of the bomb attack outside Derry Courthouse

There are fears that a secondary bomb is in place, but this is later ruled out.

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