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Derry charity wants owner of malnourished dog prosecuted

By Donna Deeney

An animal welfare charity has made an appeal for help gathering evidence of cruelty against the owners of a skeletal and malnourished dog found in Londonderry.

Pet FBI in Derry are so enraged by the state the springer spaniel was found in, they intend to pursue a prosecution case against the owners.

The dog is now with a foster family until a new and loving home can be found for him.

A member of the public contacted Pet FBI at the weekend after noticing the dog in the Creggan area and thinking it had been knocked down by a car.

However, Lisa Patton from Pet FBI told the Belfast Telegraph it was a case of horrendous neglect.

"There was blood all down the back of this dog's legs which the member of the public thought were as a result of him being hit by a car," she explained.

"We collected the dog and it was clear that his pitiful creature had suffered years of neglect.

"He is skeletal - very, very underweight and so malnourished. We took him to the vet and he ate like he had never seen food in his life before.

"His coat was embedded with his own waste and he is going to need extensive dental work carried out.

"In fact his teeth are in such a bad state that the vet hasn't been able to say what age he is, but they did say he is a real sweetheart of a dog.

"He is very timid which is to be expected given that he most likely hasn't had any love shown to him.

"We have placed him with one of our most experienced foster families where he will be well looked after and loved but we want to see whoever did this to him held accountable."

Ms Patton is appealing to the public to contact them if they know where the dog was kept and who the owner was.

She continued: "The public have so far been so good and quickly offered to help with the vet bills but we would love to see whoever was responsible for this neglect and maltreatment held accountable.

"Neglect of any kind is inexcusable but this poor dog has had a torturous existence.

"The vet who examined him has already said that if the owner is found, they should be prosecuted and we totally agree with that.

"We need all the info we can attain for an Animal Welfare case and justice needs to prevail for this poor dog.

"Any information we do get will be passed on to Animal Welfare who can compile a case for prosecution."

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