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Derry man flees home in wake of pipe bomb blast

A man has fled his Londonderry home after a pipe bomb exploded in the garden.
A man has fled his Londonderry home after a pipe bomb exploded in the garden.
Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

A man has fled his Londonderry home after a pipe bomb exploded in the garden.

Neighbours of the man in Montgomery Close in the Waterside area described him as "quiet" and suggested the motive for the attack could be sectarian.

One woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: "He hasn't been here very long and he seems quiet, but it is disgraceful that anyone would leave a pipe bomb outside someone's home.

"I think he lives there most of the time on his own, but small children seem to come and stay at times.

"Another house in the close was attacked a while ago and I think this might be for the same reason - because they are Catholics - which is no reason to attack anyone.

"I think that is not acceptable.

"I think people should be allowed to live wherever they want.

"This is actually a good place to live but that's twice someone's home was attacked, which annoys me because it gives a false impression of what it is really like. There are a lot of young children in this street and it isn't the kind of thing you want them to see or you want to have to explain.

"The last thing you want to hear in the early hours of the morning is an explosion in your street and to have a policeman knocking on your door saying you may have to leave.

"Thankfully we didn't, but the police cordon was around the house until lunchtime."

Another neighbour, who ran outside when the device exploded, said the man who lives in the house was visibly shaken.

The resident said: "I ran out when I heard the bang and the fella who lives in the house came out into the street at the same time.

"He was shaking and the people who live in the house next to him who came outside too looked even more scared.

"I don't know the man at all. I don't think he has been here very long, which is the case in a few of these houses. People come and go all the time."

No damage was done to the property, but police said the occupants had a lucky escape.

PSNI Detective Sergeant Richard Donnell said: "Police received a report that a device in the form of a pipe bomb had exploded in the front garden of a residential property in Montgomery Close.

"Thankfully, no damage has been caused to the property.

"However, the occupants of the property were very lucky to escape injury."

Anyone with information is asked to call the police on the non emergency number 101, quoting reference number 91 of 31/03/19, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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