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Derry man told girlfriend he would stab her neighbours if she left him, court hears

By Alan Erwin

A man allegedly told his girlfriend he would stab her neighbours with scissors if she left him, the High Court heard.

Shaun Hegarty is accused of issuing the threat after the woman had attempted to get out of a bed they were sharing at her home, prosecutors said.

Details emerged as 26-year-old Hegarty, of Balliniska Heights in Derry, was granted bail.

A judge baned him from going near the area of the city where the woman lives as part of the release conditions.

She initially told police she had fallen asleep while in bed with Hegarty at her address on July 10, the court heard.

According to her account he became angry, woke her and became verbally aggressive.

Crown lawyer Natalie Pinkerton claimed the woman tried to get out three times, only for Hegarty to pull her back and state: "Get back in the f****** bed."

It was alleged that an argument continued after they dressed and went into the living room.

"She told police he was shouting at her with his fists clenched and grinding his teeth," Ms Pinkerton said.

"He also stated that if she left he would drag her back in by the ankles and he would stab the neighbours downstairs with a pair of scissors."

The woman's allegations were captured on police body-worn cameras, but no formal complaint has been made.

Hegarty denies charges of common assault to the woman and making a threat to kill her neighbours.

During interview he claimed to have had issues with the neighbours calling him names.

Defence counsel Richard McConkey stressed there were no injuries or statement of complaint to back up the prosecution.

"The neighbours don't hear the alleged threat, it's made about them to her (the girlfriend)," he said.

Setting out his client's position, Mr McConkey added: "She has made these allegations up against him and he doesn't want anything more to do with her."

Granting bail, Madam Justice McBride imposed an exclusion zone and prohibition on any contact with the complainant.

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