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Derry pigeon club renames itself after Amelia Earhart

A small bird club in Londonderry has paid a special tribute to famous female aviator Amelia Earhart who landed her plane on the outskirts of the city 80 years ago by mistake.

The 27-strong member Rock Pigeon Club in Derry has renamed itself the Amelia Earhart Flying Club to mark the anniversary of her landing in 1932.

Its pigeon loft is located in Ballyarnet, close to the spot where Amelia Earhart was forced to touch down due to bad weather and technical problems.

Club treasurer, Cathal Fox, said it was a fitting tribute: "Amelia Earhart is a great asset for this city and we don't think she's getting enough recognition locally. Our club rooms are at the spot where Amelia Earhart landed and we're proud to name the club after her."

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