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Derry woman bares her soul in an emotional online message to singer

By Cate McCurry

A Londonderry woman has revealed how singer Adele helped mend her broken heart in a spill-all public post that has taken Facebook by storm.

The no-holds barred post, an emotional message to the star, has gained tens of thousands of likes and shares.

Stephanie Pope took to Facebook yesterday to reveal how the hit singer was there for her at what appeared to be the lowest stage of her break-up with her former fiancé.

Admitting that she was "baring her soul" to the social media world, she said that she was lucky she can now look back at the incident and laugh.

In the post she told how she had just split up with her then fiancé when she turned on the television where Adele was singing. She wrote: "I sang and cried at the top of my lungs, believing I was you as I belted out every word to him in the doorway looking at me with disgust. He closed the door on me and went to bed I didn't (care) I was a woman, with feelings, and a heart, and I deserved better.

"All I needed was me and you, because you understood. We connected that night. Feels like a million years ago now but I just wanted you to know about it."

Her emotional post quickly went viral on Facebook, with more than 18,000 likes and 820 shares in just 12 hours.

However, just like Adele's now happier love life, Stephanie also revealed her story has a happy ending. She is now married to the love of her life, Ben. She said she could not be happier - and her husband is well aware of this story.

In a post to her own Facebook page, she added: "I don't often bare my soul like such, but I was recalling this story tonight to my best mate, and I thought f*** it, this is funny! And Adele should know about it!"

She added that she even believes that Adele somehow "sent" Ben to her.

The pair married last year and recently celebrated their first anniversary.

Ben said his wife revealed her heartache over her ex on their third date, and he promised to be there and support her for ever.

"Stephanie I'll be with you in the years to come to wipe away any tears, clean any accidents and to hold your hair when your (sic)ill! Xx I love you xx," he posted on her Facebook.

Stephanie's letter has been picked up by newspapers across the UK, Ireland and even the United States. It is not known whether Adele has responded to Stephanie's post yet.

It's also not known which of Adele's songs Stephanie sang to her ex, though it's believed to be one from her album 21, which has sold 30 million copies.

The Someone Like You star wrote the album following the end of a relationship with a man that she believed at the time she would marry.

Now happier, Adele has been in a relationship with charity entrepreneur and Old Etonian Simon Konecki since 2011. The pair have a young child together.

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