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Derry woman nipped out for her groceries and won £250k on a National Lottery scratchcard

By Donna Deeney

A lucky Londonderry lady popped into her local Mace for a few groceries - and walked out £250,000 richer.

Sharin McCourt (42) had no idea her life was about to change for the better when she visited the Culmore Road store and on a whim picked up two National Lottery Blue & Green Scratchcards.

It was only when she arrived back home that she discovered that she had hit the jackpot with one of them. Sharin said: "I wanted to make a nice meal for myself and my best friend, also called Sharon, so we went down to the shop to buy some bits and pieces.

"When I went to pay for my items I had a bit of money left over so I decided to buy two scratchcards, on a whim. Then we just headed home and I started to prepare dinner."

After unpacking her food Sharin remembered about the scratchcards and decided she would scratch them.

She continued: "The first one wasn't a winner but the second one, well that revealed three amounts of £250,000!

"My reaction was total disbelief. I didn't shout or cheer I just had a look of total bewilderment on my face.

"Even now I find it hard to comprehend. I asked my friend to check it and after her initial amazed reaction she confirmed I was right and it was a winner

"When I look back now I think I was in complete shock. I decided that I'd take the scratchcard to the shop where I bought it and see if they could confirm it and to my amazement they too said it was genuine.

"By this point it had started to sink in so when I called the National Lottery claim line and they also said it was real, I knew I'd finally won!"

Sharin is an avid festival-goer and now plans to spend some of her winnings on VIP tickets to her favourite festivals.

She has also bought a new car for her friend Sharon to help get them there in style, not to mention a couple of pairs of brand new wellies - the essential footwear of any festival-goer.

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