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Derry woman recalls horrific moment London attackers struck

By Donna Deeney

A night out turned into chaotic horror for one Londonderry woman as she witnessed a woman being stabbed in a restaurant targeted by the three terrorists who killed seven people in London last Saturday.

Amy Webster (26) was with her boyfriend Ryan Davis in a restaurant in Borough Market, unaware of the carnage left in the wake of the attack on London Bridge.

The couple came face to face with evil as the three Isis members entered the restaurant wielding a large machete-like knife.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Amy who now lives in London where she works as a scientist, described how one woman was stabbed close to where she and her partner Ryan were seated at the front of the restaurant.

"We were in the Mexican restaurant next to Borough Market and had only been there for about 10 minutes when someone came in and stabbed a girl," she recalled.

"I didn't see the faces of the men but Ryan my partner did briefly, they had a long knife about a foot long and were wielding it.

"People inside the restaurant just reacted so quickly, they started throwing chairs at them (the terrorists) to get them out and they left.

"The staff reacted really quickly, getting the three men out of the restaurant then barricading the doors before most people even realised what was happening.

"We were locked inside the restaurant for two hours but we had no idea what was happening outside.

"We thought it was all over and we were getting ready to leave when we heard the gunfire outside which made everyone panic.

"That was the police but we didn't know what was going on because we couldn't see so we were inside thinking the worst."

Trapped inside but safe Amy, Ryan and the others had no idea what was happening outside the shutters so when the officers began to rescue them, they were initially too frightened to let them in.

Amy continued: "They started shouting at us to put our hands up and keep them up and then get out which we did.

"We walked past other bars that had been attacked as well and there was blood on the ground where we were walking.

"We had to walk around the perimeter of the market, still being shouted at, it was chaotic but we are so, so thankful that we got out."

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