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Derry woman who cheated death in London attack had survived Everest avalanche

By Sue Doherty

A 26-year-old woman from Northern Ireland who survived the terror attack in London on Saturday night also cheated death two years ago on Mount Everest.

Amy Webster, from Londonderry, and her boyfriend Ryan Davies were at a restaurant in Borough Market when three men armed with knives burst in and stabbed a woman near the door.

Seven people died and 48 were injured, 21 critically on Saturday night, after a van ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge and three men wearing fake suicide vests went on a rampage, stabbing anyone in their path.

Police shot all three attackers dead within minutes of the first alert being raised.

Speaking to the BBC on Monday, Ms Webster said she and her partner Ryan had gone out for a few drinks and decided to have a meal.

Ten minutes after they went into a restaurant in Borough Market, the horror unfolded.

"We thought it looked like a brawl. There was glasses being chucked around and bottles." Ms Webster recalled.

Some people were throwing chairs and people at the back of the restaurant started screaming and running to the far back, away from it. So we started running. - NI witness

"It wasn't until after a couple of minutes that they managed to get the guys out of the restaurant and close the shutters. "

As Ms Webster and her partner came back into the restaurant, they learned that a woman had been stabbed.

"Three men had come in with knives and stabbed a girl next to the door.

"But people reacted so quickly. I couldn't believe how quickly people reacted - throwing chairs and just trying to get the people out.

"My partner saw one of the attackers briefly. He saw a man holding up a big knife that was about a foot and a half long and waving it about. He just saw it for a split second."

Evacuating the restaurant, Ms Webster added, was "almost the scariest part" as they had to walk past bars that had also been attackied.

"There was a lot of blood on the ground. There were people still in the bars who were injured and were being treated.

"And there were people in the bars who weren't being treated yet.

"We had to walk for a couple of hundred meters around the perimeter of borough market before we could get away.

"It just felt like chaos.

"We just keep recounting all the things that we were really lucky that we did do or that we didn't do. 

"There's no point thinking 'What if'."

Saturday night's horror was the couple's second lucky escape.

In April 2015, they were on their way to base camp on Mount Everest when they had to turn back because Mr Davies took ill.

One hour later, the camp was buried in an avalanche.

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