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Derry's death toll during period Martin McGuinness was Provo leader in city

1972 March 14 Colm Keenan and Eugene McGillen, two Provisional IRA men killed in a gun battle with British soldiers in the Bogside.

March 20 Pte. John Taylor, Royal Green Jacket, shot dead by an IRA sniper in the Bogside.

April 10 Eric Blackburn and Brian Thommason, Royal Artillery Regiment, bomb explosion in Brooke Park.

June 9 Edward Megahey, UDR soldier, sniper attack on a military convoy at Buncrana Road.

June 11 William Raistrick, Royal Artillery, sniper attack on a sentry post at Brooke Park.

June 21 Kerry McCarthy, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, sniper attack, Strand Road RUC station.

July 11 Terence Jones, Royal Artillery, bomb and gun attack on an Army patrol, Great James Street.

August 24 Sgt. Arthur Whitelock, Light Infantry, sniper attack on Army patrol in Shantallow.

August 27 Anthony Metcalfe, Coldstream Guards, sniper attack on observation post in the Creggan.

September 15 John Davies, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, sniper attack on patrol in Bogside.

September 18 John Van Beck, Scots Guards, sniper attack on patrol in Bogside.

October 28 Thomas McKay, Scots Guards, sniper attack on patrol in Bishop Street.

November 28 IRA men John Brady and James Carr, bomb explosion in the Bogside.

November 28 Paul Jackson, Royal Artillery regimental photographer, bomb attack on a supermarket at Strand Road.

December 20 George Hamilton, UDR, sniper attack at reservoir at Croppy Hill.

December 24 Colin Harken, Scots Guards, sniper attack in Bogside.


January 14 David Dorsett and Samuel Taylor, RUC, booby trap bomb, Harbour Square.

February 25 William Gallagher, aged nine, died in an IRA landmine explosion in the garden of his home at Leenan Gardens, Creggan.

March 3 David Deacon, UDR, abducted by IRA in Co Donegal and shot in the head.

April 11 Idwal Evans, Light Air Defence Regiment, sniper attack on patrol in Bogside.

April 27 Anthony Goodfellow, Royal Anglians, sniper attack on patrol in the Creggan.

April 28 Kerry Venn, Royal Artillery, IRA sniper attack on patrol in Carnhill.

May 3 Thomas Crump, Royal Artillery, IRA sniper attack on patrol in the Creggan.

June 20 Barry Griffen, British Army bomb disposal captain, killed defusing device.

June 24 Noor Baz Khan, Army caterer, shot dead when IRA gunman stopped his car.

August 9 Patrick Duffy, civilian, father of seven, abducted and murdered by the IRA.September 21 James Brown, civilian, IRA said he confessed to having been an informer.October 3 William Dobbie, Royal Ordnance Corps, booby trap bomb attack on Army post.

November 14 Kathleen Feeny (14), civilian, IRA claimed she'd been shot by a British soldier during an exchange of fire but 30 years later it admitted responsibility.

November 25 Heinz Pisarek and Joseph Brookes, both Royal Artillery Regiment, shot in IRA ambush in Rossville Flats, Bogside.


January 21 Sgt. John Haughey, IRA bomb attack on Army patrol in the Brandywell.

January 29 William Baggley, RUC reservist, shot dead by IRA gunman in the Waterside. Two years later his daughter Linda Baggley, also an RUC reservist, was shot dead on the same street by an IRA gunman.

February 24 Patrick Lynch, civilian, shot dead. IRA claimed he had been an informer.

March 17 Michael Ryan, Duke of Wellington Regiment, IRA sniper attack in Foyle Road.

April 14 Capt. Anthony Pollen, 8th Infantry Brigade, surrounded by crowd while standing with journalists watching a Sinn Fein Easter march. Abducted and shot twice in the head.

May 31 Alfred Shotter, civilian, killed by an IRA booby trap bomb outside his home.

June 24 Gerard Craig and David McKinley Russell, IRA members, killed in a premature bomb explosion in a supermarket.

October 5 Asha Chopra (25), mother of two, was heavily pregnant when an IRA sniper fired at police officers. A bullet passed through the arm of a policeman before hitting her in the stomach while she sat in her car .

October 23 Michael Simpson, Lieutenant in the Staffordshire Regiment, IRA sniper attack in Greenhaw Road.

October 30 Michael Meenan, IRA member, killed when a 3 lb bomb he was carrying exploded as he sat in the back seat of a car in a garage forecourt. A petrol pump attendant fuelling the car escaped injury.

November 11 Hugh Slater and Leonard Cross, civilians, both employed at Ebrington Barracks, abducted while drinking in a bar at Bridgend in Co. Donegal. Both were shot in the head and their hooded bodies found at Sheriff's Mountain close to the border. In a statement the IRA said: "Both men divulged a large amount of information including the names and addresses of paid informers operating in Derry. The men were not abused in any way during interrogation but received superficial cuts during the struggle to overcome them. Last night both men were executed."

December 7 Ethel Lynch, IRA member, killed in a premature explosion in an IRA bomb making factory at Crawford Square.

December 7 John McDaid, IRA member, a 16-year-old student, was killed when a 5 lb bomb he was carrying at Bridge Street exploded.

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