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Details of alleged IRA abusers left in Gerry Adams' letterbox

By Paul Williams

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has revealed that he has received details of further cases of alleged sex offenders posted anonymously through his front door.

The claims were made in a letter sent to his home in Belfast.

"It came to me anonymously. it was left in my letterbox at home in Belfast."

He said he was passing the letter on to a party official.

"We have a national child protection officer, a designated person, and that's the person who brings it forward on our behalf but I fully expect An Garda Siochana to be in touch with me," he said.

It's being claimed the IRA has given gardai the name of a senior Sinn Fein politician in Dublin who was "cleared" of child sex abuse allegations by a Provisional court martial 14 years ago.

The former IRA bomb maker, who is considered a "hero" in the republican movement, was one of those identified to gardai in the past week on the orders of the Sinn Fein leadership as they try to extricate the organisation from the sex abuse scandal.

The Garda has received reports of more than 30 alleged IRA sex offenders who may be living in the Republic.

Its Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit is investigating each case and is working with Tusla, the Child and Family Agency.

Sources say that there is resonable grounds for concern that children may be at risk.

Last weekend it was revealed how one senior Sinn Fein figure in the capital had been accused of molesting his partner's three-year-old daughter in 2000.

The child's mother, who is from a staunch republican background, threw the man out of her home and reported him to senior Sinn Fein and IRA figures in Dublin. When no action was taken the woman threatened to go the gardai but she was "convinced" to change her mind by senior Sinn Fein and IRA figures.

At a kangaroo court which was held in a Dublin GAA clubhouse the man was "court martialled" but cleared of any wrongdoing.

Since then the allegations were kept secret by Sinn Fein to protect the man who has been involved in the party's electoral strategy.

However, a senior security source claimed that the man's name was given to gardai "purely because they have no hope of making anything stick".

"He has nothing to worry about because they (Sinn Fein) have this one well buried.

"The only reason they forwarded his name is because it is in the public domain and known to a number of journalists," the source said.

"They have been giving up names of people who have been accused of sexual abuse in the past to make it seem like they are co-operating but they are offering no evidence to assist gardai."

Last night it was understood the lists of alleged abusers which have been reportedly handed over to gardai include the names of dead republicans and of former Provisionals who have since defected to the dissidents.

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