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Detention for teenager who passed forged notes

By George Jackson

A teenager banned from every shop in Northern Ireland has been sentenced to three months' detention.

Christopher Stokes (18) from Cornshell Fields in Londonderry had been charged at the city's magistrates court with 63 offences of passing and possessing counterfeit £50 notes.

District Judge Barney McElholm had put the retail outlet ban in place beforehand, saying it was to protect the shopkeepers of Northern Ireland.

But when he was told yesterday that the High Court had lifted the ban just hours earlier, Mr McElholm said: "Well, good luck to the shopkeepers of this city."

Yesterday, Stokes pleaded guilty to three assaults and disorderly behaviour last June, September and in March of this year.

He was released on appeal bail.

The June incident involved the defendant being aggressive to police officers after they were called to the scene of a reported assault, a prosecution lawyer said. In the September incident Stokes punched a youth several times to the back of the head in Magazine Street in the city centre.

Last month, the police responded to "a dropped 999 call" to Stokes' home.

When they arrived he pushed one officer on the chest and punched another on the mouth and temple.

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