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Device found outside police station

An explosive device has been found outside an unmanned police station in Northern Ireland, it has been confirmed.

About 30 families had to be evacuated and 170 children moved to a nearby community centre because of the security alert in Crumlin, Co Antrim.

The unoccupied station is opposite a school attended by both Protestant and Catholic children.

The principal Christine Boal said she was disgusted. She said: "We are supposed to be building a shared community, but this is a step back for the entire community."

It is the third school to have been affected by security alerts in the Antrim area.

A pipe bomb was picked up by a pupil in the playground at St Comgall's Primary School on Monday. It was apparently left by loyalists.

Police tonight confirmed the device found in Crumlin was also viable.

Alliance Antrim councillor Alan Lawther said he was shocked by the new alert.

He added: "Nobody wants this violence on our streets, when will these people get that message?"


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