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Devolved nations may gain more control of fishing and farming post-Brexit

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have the "opportunity" for more control over their farming and fishing post-Brexit, albeit within a UK-wide structure, a minister has said.

Conservative frontbencher George Eustice told MPs "some kind of UK framework" will be needed to protect the "integrity" of the UK single market.

His remarks came after SNP rural affairs spokesman Angus MacNeil challenged the Westminster Government to guarantee Scotland would control its farming and fishing once Britain leaves the EU.

Mr MacNeil said: " Farming and crofting leaders in Scotland hope agriculture is fully controlled in Scotland post-Brexit and according to fishing leaders, (Environment Secretary Michael Gove) has intimated that control to 200 miles will be by the Scottish Government as well.

"Therefore can I have it on record that the Government will indeed be backing this position, that post-Brexit farming and fishing for Scotland will be controlled in Scotland?"

Environment minister Mr Eustice replied: "These issues are obviously devolved and elements of them are devolved now but I think what everybody recognises is there'd also need to be some kind of UK framework to protect the integrity of the UK single market.

"But what I can say is this, on leaving the EU we will take control of our agricultural policy and there is an opportunity for us to give all of the devolved administrations more control than they currently enjoy to be able to do that while protecting the integrity of the single market."


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