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Dicing with death... shock images of kids on hospital roof in Belfast Royal hospital

By Claire Williamson

These are the shocking images of young people dicing with death as they walk on the roof of the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The footage released by the Belfast Trust shows children as young as nine jumping from roof to roof.

Security staff warned that it is only a matter of time before someone falls and is killed as they play with death on a daily basis.

CCTV captured the terrifying scenes where most recently the incidents have been occurring at the Children's Hospital, where the buildings are extremely high.

The images have also captured the young people sliding down sloping rooftops when they are icy.

The Belfast Trust said the incidents have caused extra distress to patients.

The anti-social behaviour began at the Cardiac Intensive Care and has now escalated to the Children's Hospital area and building sites within the grounds.

Security duty manager Jason McGrugan said: "The roof they are running about on in the Children's Hospital is the Intensive Care Unit and theatres, not just general wards. Put yourself in the position of parents who are at the bedsides of critically ill children. It's just not on.

He told the Andersonstown News: "The images are somewhat shocking, at some point someone is going to fall."

The PSNI said they are aware of the young people involved in actions that are both "disruptive and reckless".

Sergeant Anthony Greene said: "Our neighbourhood officers work closely with the Belfast Trust on anti-social behaviour and our patrols provide additional support to the security team at The Royal Victoria Hospital site throughout the week and during weekends.

"We are aware of young people involved in actions that are both disruptive and reckless - and could end up causing upset and injury. They run the risk of also ending up with a criminal record.

"I would also appeal to parents in the area to be aware of where their children are, and what they are up to."

A Belfast Trust spokeswoman said its concern is the patients, adding: "This sort of activity adds to their distress, as well as being very unsettling for the staff who care for them.

"It is also very dangerous for those involved. We are constantly reviewing our security measures to keep the environment safe, but we would appeal to them to think about the impact their activities ha ve on our patients, as well as their own safety."

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