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Difficulty sleeping last night? You weren't alone as Northern Ireland had hottest September night on record

If like the rest of the country you felt like you were developing a temperature last night while you struggled to sleep - it wasn't your imagination and you certainly weren't alone.

BBC Weather reports that Northern Ireland experienced its hottest September night on record.

Temperatures hit a minimum 19.3C in Antrim beating 1999's 18.3C giving many a restless night. However, Tuesday night looks set to be cooler with hope of a more settled sleep.

Tuesday is expected to remain warm with the maximum temperature hitting 22C.

The Met Office has said Tuesday will remain mostly cloudy with some occasional list rain or drizzle - this will be more persistent towards Fermanagh, Armagh and Antrim.

Tonight will feel muggy just as Monday night but slightly cooler.

Some light rain will come in gradually with easing winds. The minimum temperature will be 14C.

And the warm spell is set to continue into Wednesday with a much drier and brighter day.

However, more cloud will arrive later in the afternoon with rain far west by the end of the day - the maximum temperature will be 22C.

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