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‘Disappeared’ body search moves north

Experts are poised to start their first dig in Northern Ireland for a man who went missing almost 40 years ago.

Peter Wilson — who was not counted among those ‘Disappeared’ by paramilitaries until recently — vanished from his west Belfast home in August 1973. He was only added to the list of those abducted, killed and secretly buried by republicans last year.

It has now emerged that the commission set up to locate the remains of the Disappeared has received information that could lead to a breakthrough. “We have some information that indicates in relation to Peter Wilson that there may be a site in the north,” commission spokesman John Hill told UTV.

“It will be some time before we’ve got to the end of the evaluation process and we’ll make a decision then whether there will be an excavation or not.”

Two weeks ago, remains, believed to be those of Charlie Armstrong, were found in Monaghan.

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