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Disgraced carer who stole food from OAP gets job in Hillsborough chip shop

By Amanda Ferguson

A former care assistant who was caught on camera eating her vulnerable patient's food has found new employment – at a Hillsborough chip shop.

Patricia Young hit the headlines for stealing food from 70-year-old Alzheimer's sufferer Ivy McCluskey.

In 2009 Ivy's family had become concerned by her alarming weight loss and installed a hidden camera capturing footage of Young scoffing the frail pensioner's meals.

The 57-year-old was subsequently fired by the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust and found guilty at Lisburn Magistrates Court on two counts of ill-treatment.

She was also banned from caring for vulnerable people.

Outside Young's new workplace – PG Chips – she told our sister paper Sunday Life that she was moving on with her life.

"That's a long time ago, of course I appreciate the irony, but I have to move on, I have to make my money somehow," she said.

"We are talking about 2009. What do you want me to do, I have to move on."

On learning of Young's new job, Ivy's daughter Mandy said: "I understand she has to work, I understand that fully. She moves on, but we can't."

Mandy explained she regularly bumped into Young, contributing to the pain she felt following Ivy's death in January 2010 – three months after Young was removed as her carer after six years.

"She has completely destroyed the memory of our mother," Mandy said.

"Even when I go out to mummy's grave, every time I look at the headstone, it's her (Young) I see.

"Mummy's illness was quite long. We revolved our lives around mummy, we turned the living room into her bedroom, so mummy was always the focus of everything going on. No matter whose birthday it was, we took everything to mummy, and Patricia Young was involved."

Mandy recalled the feelings of horror she experienced watching the footage of Young eating her mother's meals.

"I will never forget it," she explained.

"It took me three hours to put the camera into a bunch of flowers. I didn't target Patricia Young – I was starting from the beginning.

"When I saw it I ran from the house, I just couldn't take it in, I was just screaming.

"We used to wonder why the plants were dying, it was because fluid meant for mummy was being poured into the plant pots."

The footage revealed Young eating food intended for Mandy's mother.

"She was supposed to let her know a spoon was coming to her mouth, her swallowing wasn't great, but she never spoke to mummy at all.

"She just put the spoon to her mouth and the food would've dropped on to her chest, but she just scooped it up with the spoon and put it back to mummy's mouth and the same thing would have happened again.

"She fed mummy only after she fed herself out of it. She sat like she was in a restaurant, dabbing her mouth with tissues.

"The position of the table was that it was always facing mummy, so mummy was looking into her face every time she did it. It was soul-destroying."

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