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Dismay at drunken teens running amok

By Cate McCurry

Litter louts have left a picturesque seaside resort in a state of disarray after drunken teenagers ran amok through the town, it has been claimed.

Council officials were left with a major clean-up operation yesterday after the youngsters descended on Portrush over the Easter holidays.

Bags of rubbish and bottles of alcohol were dotted throughout the town despite council efforts to provide extra bins over the busy holiday period.

One resident described it as a "mess" and condemned those who left the town in a filthy state.

Another said: "Portrush was terrible, young teens everywhere drunk, one lying on a bench unconscious with the ambulance beside it, several teens have been arrested, five police riot vans at the train station. Mess."

One visitor said: "So glad we decided to avoid Bangor and the traditional Portrush trip this year. Bangor is now a sinkhole and Portrush on an Easter Monday is dire."

Ulster Unionist councillor William McCandless said it was a "sad indictment on today's society" if people can't use the bins supplied.

He said: "I have been told that Monday and Tuesday were marred by young teenagers involved in incidents of too much alcohol.

"The police stepped in quickly and removed it from them and cared for them while they could.

"Unfortunately, sometimes when kids are out of parental control and parents don't know what's going on, the teenagers will betray their parents' trust like that.

"I wouldn't blame parents for that either as you place trust in your children."

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