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Disneyland awaits after Northern Ireland couple win £100k on scratch card

By Lesley Houston

A Londonderry couple have won the top prize of £100,000 on a lottery scratch card.

Stephanie Harkin and her husband Kieran struck gold after a quick scratch on a £2 Diamond Riches card revealed the all-important trio of diamonds.

The couple's windfall marks a dream come true and gives them the chance to plan a family holiday to Disneyland Paris in the New Year.

Stephanie (28) said she had purchased the card during a shopping trip before Christmas, accompanied by Kieran, who is 33, but never dared to believe she'd win the jackpot.

"I've always dreamed of winning a lot of money but never really thought it would happen to me," said Stephanie.

"Once I saw the three diamonds, I knew that I had won a large amount as I'd played this card before, but I didn't want to get too excited."

"It's still hard to take it all in. The most I've ever won before is £10, so this win really is a dream come true for me.

"The New Year will now bring a dream family trip to Disneyland Paris. You never think that it'll happen to you but I'm proof to everyone out there that it can," she added.

The National Lottery Diamond Riches scratch card offers players a one in 4.24 overall chance of winning prizes, ranging from £2 to the top prize of £100,000.

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