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Disruption warning as Rathlin Island Ferry gets overhaul

By Linda Stewart

The operators of the Rathlin Island Ferry have warned of possible disruption in the next few weeks as the vessel is taken out of service to be overhauled.

MV Canna will be replaced with another vessel when it is taken out of service for an engine overhaul.

Rathlin Island Ferry Ltd chairman Mary O’Driscoll said: “When we send a boat to be overhauled we put another boat in place. When that changeover happens depends on weather conditions.

“Whenever the boat is coming from Donegal, this boat will go to Donegal. It is still running in the meantime. We have no intention of not running.

“There are one or two sailings that might not happen but it won’t be until next week. There are no disruptions to be seen for the next couple of days.”

Regular passengers will be kept aware of any disruption by text message or through the company’s website. Anyone who is concerned about disruptions can contact Mrs O’Driscoll at 07553 359596.

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