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Dissident Donnelly tops Creggan district poll


High-profile republican Gary Donnelly topped the poll in the area where journalist Lyra McKee was murdered.

Mr Donnelly is considered one of the few public faces of dissident republicanism in Northern Ireland.

A former republican prisoner, Mr Donnelly was elected for the Moor area of Derry City and Strabane council - which includes the Creggan, where Ms McKee was gunned down.

Mr Donnelly first came to prominence as a member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and is a former spokesman for the group.

He stood for re-election last week as an 'independent republican' candidate.

A suspect device was left outside his Londonderry home last month, sparking a major security alert.

First elected to the council in 2014, he polled 1,374 first-preference votes to retain his seat.

Following Ms McKee's murder, Mr Donnelly posted on social media: "An innocent woman is dead because of a reckless act.

"This is wrong and my thoughts like the thoughts of this entire community are with her loved ones.

"I would plead with those behind this attack to desist from any further attacks and seriously consider the consequences of their actions."

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