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Dissident threat still high, says Owen Paterson

By Tom Moseley

The threat level from dissidents in Northern Ireland remains at severe, higher than the rest of the UK, the Secretary of State has announced.

Owen Paterson told MPs this meant an attack was “highly likely”. There have been 13 attacks against national security targets since August, he said, including the bomb at the City of Culture offices in Londonderry.

Recent incidents include the attempted murder of a soldier in January, and two pipe- bombs set off in Londonderry the same month.

In the first of the biannual statements on the security situation he pledged to make in July, Mr Paterson said “many” other attacks had been foiled.

He added: “At present, the threat appears to have stabilised as a result of the activities of security and law enforcement agencies.

“However, there remains a high level of underlying terrorist activity and planning.”

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