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Dissidents in threat to wife of man they expelled

The wife of a Moroccan man has been ordered out of Strabane after defending her husband who was forced to flee the town following dissident threats.

Philomena Monaghan's husband Yousef Rhasrane returned to Morocco last weekend and now she too is considering leaving her home and business after a warning letter was pushed through her letterbox.

Yousef was told by the PSNI last week that his life had been threatened by Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD).

However, his wife has challenged the dissident republicans’ campaign of intimidation and asked them to provide evidence to back up the accusations.

Speaking to the North West Telegraph, Ms Monaghan said: “These faceless scum are saying my husband was dealing in drugs which is a total lie, so I am saying to them ‘show me your proof' because I know they can't because they have none.

“They tried to set him up last week by calling him out to pick up laundry and had he not noticed them and run off, they would have shot him in the street in front of my four-year-old grandson. But that wasn't enough for them, now they are coming after me.”

Since her husband's return to Morocco, Ms Monaghan has tried to carry on the laundry business, but she returned home on Monday to find a sinister letter written from newspaper cuttings ordering her to get out of Strabane.

Ms Monaghan explained: “It said ‘you better get out of the country or you will be put out like your man. There is no call going to anybody, Get Out.’

Strabane Area Commander chief inspector Andy Lemon insisted the dissidents are not in control of the town.

He said: “These are faceless thugs with their own warped agenda.”

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