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Dissidents 'planning to attack London 2012 Olympics'

Dissident republicans have been under surveillance while carrying out a reconnaissance mission in London, according to reports.

A four-man team from Oglaigh na hEireann planning to attack the 2012 Olympics was under observation from the Army’s shadowy Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), according to London’s Evening Standard.

The report suggested the hardline group may also have been scouting potential targets in advance of the Royal Wedding next week.

It is believed two known ONH members travelled from the area around the south Armagh and Monaghan border to London in February to meet two ‘sleeper’ associates who live permanently in the capital.

The ONH unit was watched for three weeks as they photographed key roads and buildings, including the Olympic stadium.

A source said: "We believe the high-grade reconnaissance team was looking at possible action during the London Olympics but we have not ruled out the theory they were checking opportunities for the royal wedding.”

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