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Distraught mum finds tragic daughter's 'Matilda doll' after social media appeal


Mum Claire and dad Kristopher mwith Archie and the missing doll

Mum Claire and dad Kristopher mwith Archie and the missing doll

Baby Matilda with the doll

Baby Matilda with the doll

Mum Claire and dad Kristopher mwith Archie and the missing doll

A heartbroken mother has found the cherished doll belonging to her late baby daughter after a social media appeal.

Claire Gray, from Newtownards, lost the doll on a day trip to Dublin Zoo last week.

The toy was given to Matilda Gray shortly after she was born in July 2013, and was vital for mum Claire as she dealt with her infant's death just three months later.

But last week, on a trip to the zoo in the city's Phoenix Park, Claire unknowingly dropped the doll.

She issued a social media appeal that was shared by thousands in the hope that someone would know where 'Matilda doll' was.

In a post on Facebook, she revealed that the doll had been found. She said: "From the bottom of our souls thank you to each and every single one of you for your encouraging heartfelt comments, likes, amazing amazing shares, encouragement, support, overwhelming kindness, coming in to watch CCTV on your day off, going to the park at 1am, walking round Phoenix park, asking at the zoo, phoning on my behalf, checking up leads for me, offering to make posters, making posters, giving me advice on how to spread the word and who to contact, offering your Matilda doll twins, offering to make memory Bears, looking through a skip of rubbish and to all my fellow Angel mamas sharing with me about your precious children and babas in Heaven playing with Matilda and for so so so much more."

The doll was treasured by the whole family and they took her on day's out with Matilda's little brother Archie and included her in family photographs.

Claire described the doll as "a way of Matilda being with us" after she passed away.

Claire added: "Our family will never ever ever forget the huge enormous LIFT you have given us by the fact that you cared. After losing Matilda we didn't have much faith in anything but you have given us faith in the goodness of people."

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