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'Divis Hoods' issue threat over Belfast Feile tickets


Concern: Sinn Fein’s Tina Black

Concern: Sinn Fein’s Tina Black

Concern: Sinn Fein’s Tina Black

Police are investigating a social media post which threatened to terrorise west Belfast if tickets to this year's Feile an Phobail are not given out to young people in the Divis area of the city.

A Facebook account under the name "Divis Hood" posted the threat on Friday, with the post quickly going viral on social media.

The post read: "The young people from Divis needs tickets for the concert, if there dose (sic) not be tickets handed over there are going to be hijacked cars that's a promise.

"If we don't get tickets for the feile we will take it upon ourselves to ensure the falls road will be demolished and terrorised on the 8th night #DHLA."

A group known as the Divis Hoods Liberation Army (DHLA) are a loose collection of joyriders and thieves who have caused chaos in the lower Falls Road area of Belfast in the past.

Yesterday the PSNI confirmed that it is aware of the social media post and is examining it for any potential criminal offences.

Sinn Fein councillor Tina Black said the police investigation into this post "should be swift and thorough".

"No community should be held to ransom by anonymous threats," she said.

"Feile an Phobail have played a hugely positive role in providing world class entertainment for the young people of Belfast.

"The contrast between Feile's contribution and the comments by those responsible for this disgraceful post couldn't be more stark," she added.

The Divis Hoods are notorious for hijacking and stealing vehicles, which they 'joyride' until the cars crash or run out of petrol.

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