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Divisions not going away anytime soon

Alf McCreary

By Alf McCreary

A decision taken at yesterday's General Assembly shows the deep division at the heart of Irish Presbyterianism.

The huge vote by those not wanting to re-visit the debate on the exchange of Moderators underlines that many are tired of talking about the issue.

However, it reveals a deep-seated opposition to the Scottish Church's liberal view on same-sex issues, despite the plea by the outgoing Moderator, the Very Rev Charles McMullen, that the Irish Church should not be seen as a "cold place" where there is a "hierarchy of sin".

Despite working links between both Churches, the debate further underlined the split in Irish Presbyterianism.

The public may ask why people meant to show love to each other are closing the door to a leader of another Church, and are in practice a "cold house" for their Scots brethren's leaders.

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