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DNA of defendant Raymond Wootton found on revolver used in two previous shooting incidents

A defendant's DNA profile was uncovered on a century-old handgun which had been used in two previous shooting incidents.

Deputy Recorder Judge Corinne Philpott QC was told there was a "one in a billion" chance that the DNA recovered from a 107-year-old revolver had come from someone other than Raymond Wootton.

Wootton (43), from Alliance Avenue in north Belfast, is accused of having the Smith & Wesson revolver and two bullets on January 10, 2011.

Prosecution lawyer Gary McCrudden told the Diplock trial how police found the weapon hidden in Hannahstown Industrial Estate.

The lawyer said forensic tests revealed a DNA profile matching Wootton's on the handgun and the bullets. Mr McCrudden submitted that given the fact the gun had been used in shooting incidents in April and May 2009, coupled with the DNA evidence, the judge could infer that Wootton had the gun to endanger life "or to enable another person to endanger life".

The trial continues.

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