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Doctor says his experience at Belfast airport wasn't a one-off

The doctor who spoke out after being served up a "dreadful" lunch at Belfast International Airport has said he is not alone in his experience.

Dr Joseph Ward (78) had made a reservation for himself and wife Nadine in the Causeway Lounge ahead of their flight to Spain on August 27, pre-paying £27.50 each.

But when the couple arrived last Tuesday they were presented with a "paltry selection" which included slices of chorizo and ham and "a solitary scone".

The Londonderry doctor said he has since checked the TripAdvisor website where more than 80% of the reviews for the airport lounge are either poor or terrible. Comments include 'dreadful, dreadful, dreadful' and 'worst start to a great holiday'.

He said: "It seems my experience was not a singular one."

Dr Ward, who is a vegetarian and couldn't eat any of the meal, said he and his wife were offered no compensation on the day.

"All they offered was platitudes and dough bread. It was eight days later, on Wednesday afternoon, when they came back and offered to compensate me," he said.

"I have had lots of people ringing me to say well done for speaking out. For the sake of the people of Belfast I hope it does make a difference and that things will improve."

A spokeswoman for Belfast International Airport apologised to Dr Ward and said he had been offered a refund.

"We are very sorry that Dr Ward did not enjoy his recent visit. However, the Causeway Lounge is enjoyed by many thousands of passengers every year and we are very proud of the service we provide," she said.

"We regularly review our food and service offering and fully appreciate all feedback from our passengers."

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