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Doctors call for clarity on pension changes

By John Mulgrew

Doctors in Northern Ireland have demanded that the Assembly states publicly how they will be affected by proposed changes to their pensions.

Several members of the British Medical Association have called on the Government to announce whether proposed changes to the NHS scheme in England and Wales will apply to health service workers in Northern Ireland.

The concern comes after the BMA published information, out for consultation in England and Wales, highlighting the impact of pension changes, which could see doctors paying £200,000 more over their careers.

According to the BMA, a junior doctor aged 25 pursuing a typical career as a GP, and retiring at the future state pension age of 68, may make additional contributions of over £230,000 between now and retirement.

Dr Brian Dunn, member of the BMA's pensions committee, said: "The proposals are significant and imminent and doctors need to be aware of the scale of the changes."

Dr Paul Darragh, chairman of the BMA in Northern Ireland, described the potential changes as "unjustifiable".

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