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DoE: dumped radioactive waste in Belfast and Derry posed no risks

The secret dumping of radioactive waste in Northern Ireland posed no risk to human health, a DoE review has found.

A conservative approach was taken by allowing the toxic material to decay for long periods before its disposal in landfill sites in Belfast and Londonderry, the review added.

Previously confidential Government files from 1983 disclosed the controlled burials, which included medical waste.

The report, commissioned by Environment Minister Mark Durkan, said: "In Northern Ireland Environment Agency's view this practice presented no plausible risk.

"The Public Health Agency has been consulted and shares this view in respect of human health."

A Government file released under the 30-year rule highlighted the historical disposal of radioactive substances at landfill sites at Culmore in Derry and Duncrue Street in Belfast.

Five sites were authorised for burial of low-level radioactive waste, but only two were used.

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